FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Does This Work? How can I log in

You will be given access to your accout by new Antidetect browser. This means you can take your account anywhere and start advertising instantly.  Each account comes with Prenium residential proxy so your account will not get shutdown if you move from location to location.  You can access the account any time

What if It's Suspended

Will Review your account and website, if you violate any terms and conditions on google or microsoft we will try to fix but theres no gurantees. 

What if I create My Ads Will it be suspended during the process?

Account will be warmed up so u won't be suspended

Is The Account agency account?

Yes you can make upto 10 accounts

What Payment method is attached

we use our own account to pay for the ads, you have an option to add in your own payment method if you wish.  If you want to use our accounts, there is additional adcosts involved.

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

You can make your payment by credit card.

What is an Estimated Delivery Date?

The estimated delivery date usually takes 2-4 days depending on availability 

How Do I get access to the account after purchase

you need to arrange a call with me to setup your software and IP Address

How can I Get Assistance If I Need it?

You can Contact me via skype or facebook messager